South Africa’s only First Aid Kit for Crime.

You have one life. Live it knowing that you have your own Personal Lifeline. Every South African Family should have a First Aid Kit for Crime for only R149.00 per month.

South Africa Crime Rates

2019 from Crime Stats SA


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My Personal Lifeline

Even when every possible precaution has been taken. The likelihood that some form of crime will affect you or your loved ones’ lives, is high.

The trauma, fear and anger following any crime can be debilitating and life changing. Whether it’s a hijacking, a home invasion, domestic violence or date rape.

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I refuse to be a victim any longer

Your Personal Lifeline

We’ll be there to help you find your strength again.

It is a unique product designed by a dedicated team who refuse to allow South Africans to remain victims of crime. In South Africa we are at risk of becoming a crime statistic no matter where we are or with whom.

The solution is finally here.


Included in your First Aid Crime Kit

Crime Victim Assistance

Access to a phone, cash, hotel, even private investigators.

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Domestic Violence Assist

Most victims of domestic violence simply have no way out, this is your exit strategy.

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Trauma & Assault

Our 24 - hour helpline and trauma counsellors in your area.

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Rape & HIV Assistance

Confidential testing and treatment within the 72-hour window period and ongoing assistance.

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Medical Assistance

Medical Assistance at your side when you need

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Mobile App

Can’t call us use the app and we will call you back immediately.

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Legal insurance

Peace of mind that potentially costly legal expenses will be taken care of.

Cover (to the value of R50, 000 per annum) for your legal costs and legal expenses in connection with any of the following events, subject to the terms and conditions of this policy:
  • An event that leads to a civil legal action brought by you or against you in your private capacity;
  • An event that leads to your defence against a criminal charge;
  • An event that leads to a legal action by or against you in a labour court;
  • Any legal action in connection with family matters, for example, divorce action, child custody disputes, maintenance suits and access to children;
  • Identity theft that leads to real or potential prejudice and results in legal liability or financial loss or both because of the fraudulent use of your personal information and identity by an unknown person or institution. We do not cover any identity theft caused by your own negligence.
Unlimited legal advice on any personal legal matter.

Take Back Control

Crime in South Africa seems inescapable.

Every minute, 43 crimes are committed in South Africa! Most South Africans live in fear of becoming a statistic.

My Personal Lifeline not only takes care of you during the first 48 hours, but provides the ongoing support you need to take back control. With 24-hour medical emergency services, legal assistance and trauma counselling only a call away, private investigators, face-to-face counselling sessions in your area and up to R50 000 legal fees covered.

You will rise again.

How it works


My Personal Lifeline App
Save the Emergency Number


Contact our 24-Hour Helpline by phone or the Mobile App. Our trained advisors will work with you to determine which benefits are applicable.


My Personal LifeLine Box includes relevent documents and tools to get you through this difficult time.

It is not just your Lifeline

it is your family’s First Aid Crime Kit. One call to us and we take control when you can’t.

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